Seminars / Workshops / Symposia

Regular Seminars/Workshops are conducted IIP on various topics relating to Psychology

Sl. No. Date Theme/Purpose Resource Persons Venue Participants
1 21st January Stress And Coping Prof. Swaha Bhattacharyya Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Rama Manna
2 15th February One Day International Workshop on Moral Psychology Department of Applied Psychology, Calcutta University MeghnadSaha Auditorium Rajabazar Science College Rama Manna and DebanjanaBasu
3 16th – 17th February Workshop on Life Contingency table for Estimation of Mortality and Morbidity of Patients suffering from Mental Diseases Prof. B. K. Sinha, Dr. Nilanjana Paul Dr. D. Dutta Roy And Other Dignitaries from different universities Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Rama Manna
4 26th February Basic Science of Trauma Management Prof. Swaha Bhattacharyya ISI, Kolkata Rama Manna
5 26th February Management of Primary and Secondary case of Trauma Patient Dr. Mitali Adhikary, Senior Lecturer, College of Nursing, MCH, Kolkata ISI, Kolkata Rama Manna
6 4th March Mental Health of Students: A Synthesis of Recent Trends and Management Issues Prof. Anjali Ray, Department of Applied Psychology, C.U University ISI, Kolkata Rama Manna
7 6thto 8thMay 51stNationaland 20thInternational ConferenceofIndian AcademyofApplied Psychology(IAAP) Resources from Different Universities Bangalore University SmitaDeyand faculties from different parts ofIndia
8 30th May School Psychology SecretaryofInSPAand Universityprofessors ISI, Kolkata RamaManna,SmitaDey, DebanjanaBasu
9 12th July Green Recruitment Prof. IshitaChatterjee ISI, Kolkata RamaMannaand Faculties and students ofISI
10 11thand 12th August OrientationTraining Programmeon Data Analyticin Psychological Research Dr. D.DuttaRoy Dr.SoumayadityaPyne And Faculties ofISI, Kolkata ISI, Kolkata Facultiesfrom different parts ofIndia
11 23rd September Indian PublicHealth Association Faculties ofMedical College R.G.Kar Hospital Dr. RamaManna
12 18th October PlayTherapy Ms. JollyLaha Antara Psychiatric Clinic Dr. RamaManna
13 20th October Counsellingskill Dr. RamaManna Hiralal College Smita Dey
14 3rd November Pain Disorder Dr. PrasantaRoy Antara Psychiatric Hospital Clinic Smita Dey
15 30th November Workshop on PsychologicalTesting Dr. RamaManna Dr. SupurnaDas Indian Instituteof Psychometry, Kolkata Smita Dey from IIP and faculties from different parts ofIndia
16 16th to 18th December 2nd International ConferenceofIndian AcademyofHealth Psychology,ICIAHP-2016 Different Faculties and researchfellows of Universitiesand Institutes GautamBuddha University, Noida Smita Dey from IIP and faculties from different parts ofIndia
17 21st December Career Guidance And Counselling Faculties of Sett SoorajmulJalan College for Girls, Kolkata Sett SoorajmulJalan College for Girls, Kolkata Students of the college
18 24th -25th December National workshop on Psychological Testing in School Psychology Professors, Psychiatrist, School Counsellor, Special Educator, Speech Therapist, Research Scholars ISI, Kolkata Psychologist, Special Educators, School Psychologist, Parents and Teachers