Indian Institute of Psychometryisrecognized as aScientific and Industrial Research Organizations (SIROs)by the Ministry of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Scientific and Industrial Research (F. No. 13/70/88-TU-V, dated 5th April, 2017).

The Institute undertakes Research in the domain of Psychology and Psychometry

Dr. D. Dutta Roy, Professor of Indian Statistical Institute is the Research Adviser (Hon.)


1. Characteristic features of personality traits and occupational choice among adolescent.
2. What leads to more distraction in multiple choice questions of Numerical Ability test?
3. To analyze the data of student’s aptitude, personality, interest and value preference of a Calcutta based Girls College.
4. Case study of children with special needs under special educational training program.
5. Socio-demographic correlates of anxiety among mothers of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).


1. Distraction analysis with respect to the items in different Objective type achievement Tests.
2. Year wise prevalence study of the psychological problems for which clients seeking more professional help.
3. Comparing Aptitude Profile Of The Students Pursuing Post- Graduation In Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
4. A Study To Identify The Basic Personality Constructs Of The Students Who Appeared For Counselling With Respect To Their Behavioural Dimensions.
5. To Study The Characteristic Features Of Personality Traits Of Adolescent Students With High And Low Deprivation In English Medium Schools.