Psychological Counselling And Rehabilitation

Counselling and Therapy for Patient with clinical and behavioral issues:

Qualified psychologists having M. Phil in Clinical Psychology / Rehabilitation Psychology are engaged for providing counseling and therapy.
Clinical Psychologist: Ms. Akansha Mohta, Ms. Sabornee Karmokar, Ms. Soumi Chakraborty
Rehabilitation Psychologist: Ms. Shreya Das
Prior Appointment required

Psychiatric Consultation:

Neuro-psychiatrist, Dr. Rajarshi Neogi (Professor of Department of Psychiatry, R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital)
Tuesdays at 2.00 p.m.

Special Education:

Special Educational Guidance and Training for children deficient in academics and educational learning is provided Registered Special Educator Ms. Jagatai Adhikary & Mr. Suman Chaku,
Service by Prior Appointment.

Speech Therapy:

For the rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing and speech problem Mr. Akil Shah and Sujay Bose, ex students of NIHH are associated with us.
Service by Prior Appointment