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An organisation in which the public is interested Company's Act (1956) offered this status, to the Institute which is a registered body under Section 25 of the Act. All the members in the Board of Directors of the Institute are associated with it in purely honorary capacity.

The primary objectives of the Institute are:


  • To promote the science of Psychometry by developing Psychometric tests and methods.
  • To make practical applications of Psychometric tests and methods developed.
  • To design and devise Psychometric tests and methods for selection, placement, training, development, incentives, motivation and promotion of personnel in both public and private sector organisations and admission tests for professional courses on behalf of universities & academic institutions throughout India.
  • To promote a follow-up analysis after placing a person to a job or to a course of studies so as to improve the effectiveness of the test developed by the Institute.
  • To undertake investigations, projects, studies, training programmes in connection with improvement of efficiency of Management, Production and allied functions including Manpower Planning and Utilisation.
  • To disseminate the ideas developed by the Institute through lectures, seminars, discussions, conferences, workshops and also by publishing various periodicals, of its own or in collaboration or cooperation with Government departments or professional Institutions or Universities or with different Public and private sector Organisations.