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Career Guidance

In order to keep pace with the changed scenario of Educational and Occupational field due to rapid development of technology, the concept of Career Counseling and Guidance arises to direct the students to the path of right career according to their psychological strength in winning over real life challenges. In general, after completion of Secondary, Higher Secondary or Graduation levels, students and their parents often become confused in selecting proper courses or stream to be followed for future studies due to lack of information related to individual’s potentiality and aptitude. In this connection one may recall what Sir Bertrand Russell once said: “ it should be one of the aims of education … to discover special aptitudes in boys and girls, so that, where they exist, they may be carefully developed in later years. … an educator should look at the child as a gardener looks upon a plant as something to be grown by providing the right type of soil and the right amount of water”.


The task of identifying the particular field of educational training suitable for a particular student is expert’s job. Each individual differs in ability in respect of grasping concepts, achievement level, coping capacity etc. because of possession of different psychological traits like intelligence, aptitudes, interest pattern, personality characteristics etc. Specific combination of all these traits is necessary for specific field or course of study. Mismatching of potential abilities with the chosen stream of educational career leads feeling of frustration, low confidence, insecurity and aloofness from main stream of education and from the society at large resulting some clinical problems like psychopathic, anxiety, depression etc.


After careful study of potential abilities and proper combination of all these psychological traits with the help of statistical analysis, in each individual case, career counseling guides the students to choose the right career so that they can work in self-defined ways as individuals and as members of the society at large.


Keeping all these points in view, Indian Institute of Psychometry is operating an organization with the facilities of research and services of psychological testing to identify the dimensions of abilities and personality profiles in terms of individual difference to help all the concerned persons like students, parents, teachers, education policy makers etc. To achieve these goals, the Institute is rendering the counseling and guidance services for the followings:


Pre-admission guidance:

To help the students to make proper educational choice according to their abilities, aptitudes, interest, IQ, personality etc.


Post-admission guidance:

To help the students to rectify their poor study habits, misbehavior, lack of motivation etc.


Selection of extra-curricular activity:

To create interest in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities among students and their parents.


Vocational Choice:

To guide the students to choose the right path of the career.


Helping the frustrated:

To help the students to remove their frustration after repetitive failure in competitive examinations and restore their self-confidences.


Clinical Services:

To provide clinical services to the students as and whenever required by the experts of the fields.


Seminar, Symposia, Workshop & Training Programmes:

To discuss and highlight the usefulness of objective methods of selection of personnel and admission of students.

This institute carries on Researches on different Psychological and Socio-Economic aspects. The tests for selection purposes, developing by IIP, are based on extensive research and continuously developing scientific methods and procedures based on comprehensive research. The procedure adapted by the Institute consists of the following steps:

  1. Job analysis
  2. Identification of basic abilities required for the specific jobs
  3. Development of suitable tests and test administration
  4. Follow-up study of performance record of the selected candidates
  5. Statistical analysis of the test-data in terms of performance record of the selected candidates
  6. Revision and development of test battery


Future Programme:

Due to successful implementation of Land Reforms Policies and Panchayati Raj, the economic and social lives in the rural areas of West Bengal have been tremendously improved. Moreover, with the growth of various cooperatives in different parts of rural Bengal, people have become more conscious to help each other and build assets for themselves. But to canalize this sort of improvement in right direction to achieve stability, they require proper guidance, to cope with the pressure of development.

IIP has decided to help them in this respect and to extend its services in respect of Career Guidance and Counseling to rural Bengal as well as to distant small towns so that the object of this Institute as ‘to spread its services to the mass’ is fulfilled.